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Palo Alto Networks

“To protect our way of life in the digital age by preventing successful cyberattacks.”

Hello Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks was based on the idea that there’s a better, smarter, and more efficient way to provide security. Founded in 2009, it quickly became the creator and leader of a new category of offers among security providers.

Together with Godfrey Dadich Partners guys as creative directors, I had to create a compelling and ownable set of illustrations to accompany select products on a soon-to-launch redesigned web page for Palo Alto Networks.

I had to deliver six illustrations based on my geometric style, in less than 2 weeks! Each illustration would serve as a cover for each product on the home page for a specific category.

Every illustration was supposed to tell a story for each individual product, so the challenge for me was to tell stories using geometric illustrations and few colors.

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Solution and process

I will briefly present my process and the reasoning behind the decisions I took.


Creating six illustrations, that will represent the six different products Palo Alto Security has and that will integrate with the landing page’s UI design and can be animated in the near future.


Each product needed a proper visual representation of its concept. They all needed to be different but in the same idea and not interchangeable.

First, I wanted to know more about the company and what/how they’re selling their products, what voice they use for that and what their position on the market is.

This helped me with establishing the visual style.


Afterwards, I started sketching my ideas and integrating them into the UI to make sure they fit.

When the sketching was done, I started refining them digitally because the time was short.


When I was happy with my result, I asked for feedback. For the first round of feedback,it seemed I almost got it right. The feedback was positive but with few structural changes proposed and a different color choice.

We went back and forth over minor details and finally we got to a conclusion that made both parties happy!

Round 1

I wasn’t happy with all six illustrations and I sent for review only four of them.

Round 2

I updated the illustrations, based on the feedback I got from the previous round. At the same time I proposed two versions for the first illustration. Being happy with the result, I added the other two illustrations in the mix and sent them for feedback.

Round 3

We decided to move the illustrations in a different direction and this round we changed pretty much the whole visual style. We added noise and made them more synergetic between one another.

Round 4

Everyone was happy with the previous iteration, and with few final tweaks we have reached a conclusion.

The conclusion

The project was a breath of fresh air, away from the UI/UX work I do everyday. The team I worked with was extremely helpful with providing the necessary information in regards to each particular product. Godfrey Dadich gave me the best constructive feedback I got in a long time.

Because we worked together so well and each party was happy with the result, the door remained open for future collaborations.

As always, I’m grateful for the opportunity and I am looking forward to the next.