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LUA Notebooks


what is it?




The challenge

LUA established their brand, a website hadn’t been part of the initial plan due to their small company. They now require a minimalist website that effectively communicates their core business information and showcases their notebook to attract potential buyers, particularly designers and architects who prefer digital purchases.


As a designer myself, understanding what resonates with fellow designers and architects came naturally. User testing sessions provided valuable insights, but the initial wireframes still needed refinement. Later, with further reflection and iteration, I completely revamped the design to better meet the needs of the target audience.


Mirroring the brand identity (a process I contributed to), the website design is both cohesive and effective.

My process for this project ->

  1. Understand
  2. Research
  3. Ideation
  4. Presentation

While the initial website structure pleased the client with its clarity and readability, I felt the visuals didn’t fully capture the essence of the LUA brand. With some brand elements undergoing revisions, I seized the opportunity to create a new version that more authentically represented the LUA identity as a whole.


With a fresh brand identity and evolving business strategy, LUA decided to remove online sales of their notebooks. Instead, they’re collaborating with local bookstores to offer customers a more personal, hands-on experience. This shift necessitated a website revamp, transforming it from a sales platform into a brand storyteller. Now, the website focuses on captivating visitors with LUA’s narrative, seamlessly guiding them to nearby physical stores for their notebook fix.


Working on the LUA project was a rewarding experience, especially collaborating with Obelisk Agency. Stay tuned, as LUA is planning an exciting app launch – a digital companion for your notes! I’m thrilled to potentially be involved in that project as well.

LUA Notebooks case study on Obelisk’s website.

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