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last updated – JANuary 2019

Vlad is a digital product designer based in Iași, România, who likes to experiment with crazy ideas. He uses power of “the tools” to express himself through a range of design related items, to provide value and inspire others…

He draws inspiration from beautiful experiences which influence his day to day work, and all his energy and passion lead to the creation of amazing products. 

Being self taught, he had to work late nights and early mornings just to become relevant in the design space. His career had its ups and downs, which motivated him to get even more work done! Many projects were scraped along the way, and many are yet to come…

When it comes to his future, Vlad intends to complete the #365shapes challenge, and to build awesome digital products that help and inspire people in their day-to-day endeavors.

Featured in:

Affinity spotlight

Friends at Affinity asked me for an interview talking about my one year poster challenge #365shapes.

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