I’m a based in Iași, România!

I help create high-performing, user-centered and beautiful digital products that strike emotions and translate business values into graphical elements.

You don’t need just a website – you need a digital product.


A digital product is not just something aesthetically pleasing. 

When I say digital product, I mean weaving together:

  • Brand Personality
  • Optimization
  • Envisionment

A clear view of your brand personality represents the starter pistol of your product.

The next step is the optimization of product design – placing the magnifying glass on UI and UX design.

The finishing touch that will turn your visitors into customers is nudging them to envision the use of your digital product.

Becoming pre-eminent on the market can be attained by welcoming the visitors of your digital space with a unique experience. The welcome will attract visitors. But the experience itself will turn them into customers. 

Selected projects


ux / ui/ branding / marketing / strategy

Cityscapes NFTs

abstract illustration/ nft collection


abstract illustration/ experimentation (coming soon)


ui / experimentation (coming soon)


ui / ux / branding

Articles and interviews




What is your process?

Every project we are going to be working on should be treated individually. However, a generic process template would virtually look like this: Understand > Research > Analyze > Design > Test > Repeat if necessary.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Depending on the scope and responsibilities of the project, the costs may vary. The starting rate for a one-hour consultancy session is usually €50/hour.

How long will the work take from start to finish?

This depends on the project’s scope and can only be estimated after a proper analysis was made.

We are looking for an inhouse designer, are you up for it?

Having a clear outline of the project’s scope and responsibilities is necessary and it can be the first step in finding the answer to this question.

Feel free to message me at: hello@vladgrama.com to talk over your idea.

I can't find any relevant work, how should we proceed?

I’ve worked on projects I am not at liberty to publicly share. I would be more than pleased to give more details regarding my past experience on a one-to-one conversation. Let’s schedule a call at hello@vladgrama.com